Thursday 12 November 2015

Original 5th Doctor items on eBay -
November 2015

Okay, so this isn’t strictly an “original” item of Fifth Doctor costume or prop, but it dates from the Peter Davison era.

It’s an interesting item, and did sell for quite a lot of money, given what it is.

Longleat Doctor Who Exhibition
TARDIS control panel section

Doctor Who Tardis control panel from the original Longleat Doctor Who exhibition from the 1970s/80s. This item was one of three at the exhibition but this particular item is purported to have original parts of the Tardis. This item was one of a handful of items which survived the fire at Longleat that destroyed most of the exhibition in the mid-90s. It plugs in and has working sounds and lighting

I've shown images of this panel in the Longleat Doctor Who exhibition.

Control panel size,

Lenght - 179cm
Width - 39cm
Height - front of panel 8cm, back of panel 23cm

The exhibition itself was built by a company called Parker Hinson out in Ruislip and it might have been that the panels were made or animated by Tony Oxley formerly of the Visual Effects dept.

In good condition for a prop of this age, missing a small piece formica on both corners, but looks fantastic when switch on.

A rare piece that survived the fire at Longleat.

Regarding postage, weight at a guess is approx 25kg, item will need to be picked up or by a courier. Item can be delivered within a 100 mile radius of St.Austell for £50 by local delivery man.

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