Thursday 22 August 2013

If the Fifth Doctor wore a bow tie...

... this would NOT be it!

While on the hunt for the perfect Matt Smith bow tie, a good friend of mine has found an interesting maker on, called TheDirectorsCabin.

As well as a small range of Eleventh Doctor bow ties (see right) they also do a number of other Doctors including the Fourth and Tenth, plus several abstract Doctor Who related patterns.

But one that caught my eye from a Fifth Doctor point of view claims to be a tribute to Peter Davison - but for the life of me I cannot get the reference.

I assume it is supposed to be his striped trousers - but in GREEN?

Peter Davison Tribute Silk bow tie

Peter Davison Tribute
Question mark Silk bow tie

Saturday 17 August 2013

Original 5th Doctor items on eBay -
August 2013

The trade in Silurian body parts continue with the latest offering on eBay...

Warriors Of The Deep
framed Silurian body part

This is an original screen used Silurian leader piece of costume framed. (from the Warriors Of The Deep 1984) the costume was purchased in a Bonhams auction in 1991. This highly detailed piece from the left leg and was worn on the skin directly and was made with much more detail.
It comes with COA.

Width is 12 inch
Length is 15 inch

I have had it valued at £160 to £170 and have started the auction at the lowest price but I am open to reasonable offers.

Warriors Of The Deep
framed Silurian body part
Can be signed by Peter Davison on 24th November if purchased before then (and possibly Mark Strickson)

This is an amazing piece - with the anniversary of doctor who, I thought I would offer an amazing opportunity. Relisted due to unfair bidders misbidding and cancelling at the last minute!

This is the last remaining piece of the original screen used costume for the Silurian Leader Ichtar from this famous Peter Davison story.

The suite was purchased by me on from the BBC dr who 1991 Bonhams auction. It had deteriorated awfully - you may have seen the main boiler suite element of the costume on ebay a few weeks ago - essentially, that was just a dirty suite with a few scales as they had all fallen off.

However, the legs and arms were actual proper fitted costume pieces with full latex fitted appliances and the left leg piece is what we have here. It is beatiful - you can see the scales, the texture, the colour in this amazing large original piece.

This comes displayed in a large custom made display frame and will be supplied with certifcate of provenence confirming its authenticity and purchase from an official BBC auction at Bonhams.

I had one of these pieces for each limb and sold two and kept one, with this being the last. The other two sold for £140 average, so grab a bargain with a £1 start!