Sunday 8 January 2012

Costume design Regeneration

Now that my Twelve Regenerations Of Christmas has come to a close, I thought it worth making sure you had seen the posting for the Eight Day, where I collected together all the known costume designs for The Doctor.

Design © Colin Lavers
Included in them was the Fifth Doctor’s, drawn by Colin Lavers.

I am not sure it was an intended coincidence that the design was beige, so quite bland in colour, but his Doctor was often accused of being the same.

Of note is the knitted waistcoat, later changed to a cricketing jumper at the request of producer John Nathan-Turner.

Since I posted this entry, one of my readers drew my attention to a design on the June Hudson Website, it shows an unused sketch from 1981 for Peter Davison.

It seems to be a suggestion from June to John Nathan-Turner.

In a note to the side she thinks Peter should wear Cricket Whites, and has drawn him in a V-neck cricket jumper.

This could well be the source of the change from knitted waistcoat as shown in Colin Lavers design.

Very interesting.

Design © June Hudson