Tuesday 29 December 2015

Original 5th Doctor items on eBay - December 2015

Earthshock - Earth Troopers Helmet
Doctor Who Earthshock (1982) Original Production Earth Troopers Helmet An original Earth Troopers helmet worn on screen in Earthshock (1982) starring Peter Davison as the Doctor.

The helmet is made from fibreglass. This helmet is still in it's original condition, hasn't been repainted like other helmets that where used in another Doctor Who story. This Trooper helmet still has the original lights in the sides, also has the cradle inside that goes around the actor's head. The helmet is still in a lovely screen used condition !

I only know of a few of these's helmet's out there, a very rare Doctor Who prop. Comes with display stand. This item comes with a Movie Bits Certificate of Authenticity.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Bonhams auction - 10th December 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for the end of year Entertainment Memorabilia sale at Bonhams.

Here’s the Doctor Who items on offer.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:
Here are just the lots relating to the Fifth Doctor era

Lot 71
Doctor Who - Resurrection of the Daleks: a group of scripts and copies of construction drawings, BBC, 1984,

including: three scripts for Resurrection of the Daleks, episodes 2-4, all unbound, all with metal fastening to top left hand corner, all with title pages printed Serial 6P, Resurrection of the Daleks by Edward Saward [...] Transmission: 4th in TX order (Date tbc), episode 2 - 80pp. of mimeographed typescript on blue paper, episode 3 - incomplete with 69pp. of mimeographed typescript on green paper, with red annotations in an unknown hand on page 3, episode 4 - 100pp. of mimeographed typescript on pink paper, with red annotations in an unknown hand throughout; 18 dyeline copies of construction drawings and studio floor plans, including 4 duplicates, some with annotations in an unknown hand.

Estimate £500 - 700
Sold for £525

Doctor Who - The Trial of a Timelord and the Five Doctors: a camera script and a rehearsal script, BBC, 1986 / 1983,
The Trial of a Timelord camera script including a recording order for episodes 1-4 taking place 10th-12th May 1986, cast and main crew lists, contact list, the script 126pp. of mimeographed typescript, unbound with metal fastening in top left hand corner; The Five Doctors rehearsal script including a cast and main crew list, the script incomplete with 156pp. of mimeographed typescript, unbound with metal fastening in top left hand corner; accompanied by a piece of A4 paper signed by Jon Pertwee and others who worked on The Five Doctors.

The vendor acted on Doctor Who for many years in different roles, including as a yeti in the Web of Fear and was given this prop after filming had ended.

Estimate £500 - 700

Monday 16 November 2015

Bonhams FLASHBACK: 16th & 17th November 2005 Rock n' Roll & Film Memorabilia

I’ve been researching the Entertainment Memorabilia auctions at Bonhams, and it was EXACTLY 10 years ago today that Tom’s scarf, last worn in Shada, was sold along with a number of other classic series items.

Here’s what was on offer.
As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to the Fifth Doctor era

Lot 611
'Dr. Who': The Master's 'tissue compression eliminator' (miniaturising gun), the prop in black-painted brass with electric wiring, as used by Anthony Ainley throughout the 1980s in his portrayal of The Doctor's nemesis, 23cm (9in) long.
Estimate £700 - 900
Sold for £1,440

Lot 612
'Dr. Who': an Easter egg box,
by Suchard, with Peter Davison insert, 19cm (7½in) high
Estimate £30 - 40
Sold for £6

Lot 614
A model of the Tardis,

1980s, made of balsa, base with switch and marked in red 002 B.N., top with light, 16in (6¼in) high
Estimate £200 - 300
Sold for £228

Lot 615
A 'Tardis' telephone,

1988, by Holdcourt Ltd., still sealed in original box
Estimate £75 - 100
Sold for £216

Lot 617
Two Radio Times cover proofs,

1983, marking the 20th Anniversary of the programme, one for the regular issue, the other for a Special, each mounted and framed and with inscription Presented To John Nathan Turner By Radio Times
Estimate £100 - 150

Lot 620
A head-dress from the 'Snakedance' episode,

1983, painted fibreglass, in the form of five different faces, on stand, 74cm (29in ) high
This episode features Martin Clunes in an early TV appearance.
Estimate £300 - 400
Sold for £1,320

Lot 622
'Dr. Who': a Tardis roundel,
fibreglass, with traces of black and grey paint, indicating use in the Tardis of both The Doctor and The Master, believed to be the last surviving example from the original Tardis, 55cm (21½in) diameter
Estimate: £500 - 700

Lot 622A
A collection of Dr Who costumes
Estimate £40 - 60
Sold for £312

Lot 624A
A model of the Tardis,

1980s, balsa, wired for light, base with on/off switch, 15cm (6in) high
Estimate £200 - 300
£200 - 300

Lot 625
A model of the Tardis,

1980s, in balsa, 11cm (4¼in) high
Estimate £100 - 150
Sold for £90

Lot 628
Nine miniaturised character figurines,

a unique set made for the 20th Anniversary Special edition, 'The Five Doctors', comprising the First, Second, Third and Fifth Doctors, Susan Foreman, Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan Jovanka, the Brigadier and Vislor Turlough, each in painted modeller's clay on circular metal base, one damaged during filming, the tallest 23cm (9in) high
Broadcast in the UK on 25th November 1983, this anniversary edition was actually premiered two days earlier in the US.
Estimate £3,000 - 4,000
Sold for £3,600

Thursday 12 November 2015

Original 5th Doctor items on eBay -
November 2015

Okay, so this isn’t strictly an “original” item of Fifth Doctor costume or prop, but it dates from the Peter Davison era.

It’s an interesting item, and did sell for quite a lot of money, given what it is.

Longleat Doctor Who Exhibition
TARDIS control panel section

Doctor Who Tardis control panel from the original Longleat Doctor Who exhibition from the 1970s/80s. This item was one of three at the exhibition but this particular item is purported to have original parts of the Tardis. This item was one of a handful of items which survived the fire at Longleat that destroyed most of the exhibition in the mid-90s. It plugs in and has working sounds and lighting

I've shown images of this panel in the Longleat Doctor Who exhibition.

Control panel size,

Lenght - 179cm
Width - 39cm
Height - front of panel 8cm, back of panel 23cm

The exhibition itself was built by a company called Parker Hinson out in Ruislip and it might have been that the panels were made or animated by Tony Oxley formerly of the Visual Effects dept.

In good condition for a prop of this age, missing a small piece formica on both corners, but looks fantastic when switch on.

A rare piece that survived the fire at Longleat.

Regarding postage, weight at a guess is approx 25kg, item will need to be picked up or by a courier. Item can be delivered within a 100 mile radius of St.Austell for £50 by local delivery man.

Friday 4 September 2015

Prop Store London auction -
23rd September 2015

So, after a number of lack-lustre auctions, it finally looks like Bonhams has a genuine challenger to their Entertainment Memorabilia sales.

PropStore.com have been selling high-end props and costumes for sometime now, including the occasional Doctor Who piece.

But this month they are holding a live auction at the BFI IMAX cinema in Waterloo - for all intents and purposes a Bonhams style auction.

there‘s some amazing stuff on offer, from Mr Spock’s costume from classic Star Trek, to costumes from Back To The Future, the Alien and Star Wars films.

And unlike the last couple of years of Bonhams auctions, there are is a good spread of quality items on offer to attract the interest of the dedicated Doctor Who fans out there.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to
the Fifth Doctor

Lot 91
"Resurrection of the Daleks" Autographed Cast List
A signed cast list from the BBC sci-fi television series Doctor Who taken from the fourth serial of the twenty-first season titled "Resurrection of the Daleks."The list is made up of four A4 sheets of paper detailing the contact details of various members of cast and crew. It is signed by cast members Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Rodney Bewes, Rula Lenska, Terry Molloy, Les Grantham and Royce Mills next to each of their names. The cast list displays light signs of wear and remains overall in good condition.
Dimensions: 29.5 cm x 21 cm (11 ¾” x 8 ¼”)

Estimate £150-200
Sold for £225

You can see my photos from when I
visited the auction preview here

Saturday 1 August 2015

Barking signing - 1st August 2015

Today was the latest Barking signing event organised by Tenth Planet Events.
Barking Signing - 1st August 2015
The way things work is you buy an autograph for £10 a piece, and if you buy four you get a fifth free.
This was perfect, as out of the ten guests, I needed exactly five for my book!

NATHAN MCMULLEN played the Wolf in the Doctor Who television story Last Christmas.

First of all I got Nathan McMullen who alongside Dan Starky, played the elves in the recent Christmas special. Dan was also there, but I already had his signature from when we shared a wait at the departure gate of LAX airport following Gallifrey One earlier this year.

I got Nathan to sign the same page, just under Dan’s enormous autograph.

JOHN DCOLLINS played Talor in the Doctor Who story Arc of Infinity. He is better known as RAF Flight Lieutenant Fairfax, one of the two British airmen being kept in hiding by the French Resistance in the Second World War sitcom 'Allo 'Allo!.

I then got John D Collins, who was an absolute gentleman to talk to.

CLAIRE HUCKLE played Crystal in the audio story Doctor Who - The Ultimate Adventure.

Clare Huckle was an audio companion on the Big Finish adaptation of The Ultimate Adventure.

I got her to sign the same page as Lisa Bannerman, and she remarks how one of her first jobs was playing in panto with Lisa many years ago.
In a different room were four iconic script editors from the series: Donald Tosh, Terance Dicks, Eric Saward and Andrew Cartmell. Collectively they oversaw approximately 17 years of Doctor Who!!

ANDREW CARTMEL was the script editor for the classic series of Doctor Who during its last three seasons.

ERIC SAWARD worked as a writer and later script editor for Doctor Who during the 1980s.
Saward had a particular fondness for the Cybermen and wrote stories that connected the Doctor to important events in Earth's history.

TERRANCE DICKS, script edited the Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee eras of Doctor Who and wrote many episodes, novels and novelisations.
DONALD TOSH was script editor for a number of Doctor Who stories.

I was very interested in meeting Donald, as I had previously meet him back in 1992 when I made a documentary about The Prisoner, the enigmatic series from the 1960s starring and part written by Patrick McGoohan.

He had written a story outline that failed to develop into a script, so was part of the legend and mystery that clouded the series.
Luckily Donald remembered me and we had a brief chat about when we had met previously. I gave him a DVD of the complete documentary, which I hope he enjoys.

I already had Andrew Cartmell and Terance Dicks in my book from their last appearance at Gallifrey One, so it as just Eric Saward I needed from this stella collection of script editing greats.

Also in the line up were Carolyn Seymour and Doreen Mantell, neither of whom appeared in Doctor Who, but are famous in their own rights.

As usual with these events, once everyone had their autographs the guests were gathered together for an informal interview panel. The intended host was unavailable, so it feel to Malcolm, the photographer to pose the questions and keep things moving.

There were a lot of interesting chat, but the stand out for me was a discussion between Terrance and Eric about the writing of The Five Doctors. Terance, who had been a past script editor, was called while a convention in the US by Eric, who was the then incumbent script editor.

He said, “Hello Terance, it’s Eric here”. “But I don’t know anyone called Eric!” Replied Terrance! Once the confusion was cleared up Eric asked Terrance to write the anniversary special. He was very flattered, but this quickly turned to anger when he found out Robert Holmes had been asked too, but things weren't going well. This was unfair on Robert, as well as being awkward for Terrance who greatly respected Robert’s work.

Terrance cracked on with writing the episode and got a call from Eric to see how it was going. Hearing he had completed the first draft, Eric said “Oh dear”, which wasn't what Terrance was expecting. “Tom’s pulled out - so you need to write around him!” From this they concocted the use of the Shada clips and Tom being trapped in a time vortex.
Terrance very much liked the inserts used, and bemoaned that the best bit of the episode was a scene he DIDN’T write!

Sunday 5 July 2015

Barking signing - 4th July 2015

It‘s only been a week since the last Tenth Planet event, and already I’m off to Barking library again to meet up with almost a dozen Doctor Who celebrities.
Barking Signing - 4th July 2015
It was great to speak to some of these guys, as the queues were often not too long so you could have the opportunity for a bit of an extended chat.

The event is also very reasonably priced. Each autograph (regardless of notoriety) is £10. But if you buy four, you get a fifth for free - which at £8 a hit makes them the cheapest I’ve seen anywhere.

The stand-out attendee for me (and I think a lot of people) was Frank Windsor, who’s first of two Doctor Who appearances was alongside Peter Davison.

FRANK WINDSOR His most famous role was as Detective Sergeant John Watt in Z-Cars from 1962-65, and thereafter its spin-offs Softly, Softly and Softly, Softly: Taskforce from 1966-76. From 1987-89 he starred in the comedy drama Flying Lady written by Brian Finch.

But to Doctor Who fans he is best known as Ranulf Fitzwilliam in The King's Demons and Inspector Mackenzie in Ghost Light.

The queue for him was quite long, but I discovered it was because he was happy to spend a bit of time with each person as he met them.

He was old (a respectful 87 years old) and frail, but sharp as a button and happily posed for a photos as he signed my book.

It was an honour to shake his hand.

Of the rest of the guests today, here are the ones I got in my book:

CHRISTOPHER BENJAMIN appeared in several Doctor Who stories: as Sir Keith Gold in Inferno, Henry Gordon Jago in The Talons of Weng-Chiang, and Colonel Hugh in The Unicorn and the Wasp. He also voiced Tardelli in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story Grand Theft Cosmos.

I had previously met Christopher when I interviewed him for a documentary about his work on The Prisoner tv series, starring alongside Patrick McGoohan. He remembered me, so it was nice to see him again.

TREVOR BAXTER played Professor George Litefoot in the Doctor Who story The Talons of Weng-Chiang. He returned to the role in the audio story The Mahogany Murderers and the Jago and Litefoot audio series.

MARCUS GILBERT played Ancelyn in serial Battlefield.

When I was about to get his autograph I remembered I had got Angela Bruce at Gallifrey One this year, so quickly found the right page for him to sign alongside her.

While he was signing he asked where I had met her and I explained about Gallifrey One and how 3,500 fan attend.

This caught the interest in the guest next to him, Barbara Kinghorn, who asked how she could get invited along!

BARBARA KINGHORN played Timmin in the Doctor Who television story The Caves of Androzani.
Next I spoke to Ronald Pickup, who was a well known name on BBC drama in the 1960s and 70s.

I can recall him getting a Radio Times cover to himself.

RONALD PICKUP played a physician in the Doctor Who story The Reign of Terror. He also provided the voice of Kestorian in the Big Finish Doctor Who Adventure Time Works, and of Elder Bones in Spaceport Fear.

ROY SPENCER  appeared in two Doctor Who television stories of the 1960s. He played Manyak in The Ark and Frank Harris in Fury from the Deep.

TIM PREECE played Codal in the Doctor Who serial Planet of the Daleks.

GEORGE LAYTON is best known for three television roles – Junior Dr Paul Collier in the comedy series Doctor in the House and its various follow-ups; Bombardier 'Solly' Solomons in the first two series of It Ain't Half Hot Mum; and as Des the mechanic in earlier episodes of Minder.

In 1969 he played a small role in The Space Pirates.

George was more than happy to sign my book!

SHIRIN TAYLOR played a camper in The Stones of Blood and a customer in Dragonfire.

I had a nice chat with Tony Osoba. I asked him about the costume he wore for Destiny Of the Daleks, a creation by legendary designer June Hudson.

He remembered it distinctly, as great care had to be taken not to get the costume dirty, especially while working on a messy sand pit for filming!

TONY OSOBA played Lan in Destiny of the Daleks, Kracauer in Dragonfire and Duke in Kill the Moon.

There were only two guests attending who were already in my book. There were:

DERRICK SHERWIN who was script editor of Doctor Who from The Web of Fear to The Mind Robber. He was then producer from The War Games to Spearhead from Space, overseeing the transition from Patrick Troughton’s Second Doctor to Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor; the production’s conversion from monochrome to colour; and the re-tooling of the series to a one of Earth-bound, present-day adventures. Sherwin is also an actor, with a several roles on television in the 1950s and 1960s. He made a cameo appearance in Spearhead from Space as a UNIT commissionaire.

REMI GOODING played Rupert Pink in the Doctor Who television story Listen.