Friday 28 February 2014

Original 5th Doctor items on eBay -
Dalek trooper special

If you’ve always wanted to dress as a Dalek Trooper from Resurrection Of The Daleks, now seems to be the time to live your dream!

Resurrection of the Daleks
Dalek trooper suit
SOLD FOR £311.23

Here is an item I bought in the early 1990s from Stuart Evans, producer of the OOP Sevans Models kits.

I think it’s an original screen-used costume but I can’t be 100% certain.

Interestingly, a couple of years after I had it, I found a note in one of the chest pockets stating ‘Jeff ring Maria in Make Up ASAP’.

I’ve always meant to check out the credits of Remembrance of the Daleks to see if this corresponds but I never have.

There is also ‘Geoff’ (different spelling) written on the inside of the costume.

I don’t think the gloves are original (they’ve begun to deteriorate so I’m providing a second set) and the waist webbing was added by Stuart.

You will receive:- Dalek Trooper suit/overall-grey webbing-two pairs of black rubber gloves-correspondence letters.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Original 5th Doctor items on eBay - Cyberman special

Here’s some Cybermen related items I spotted on eBay.

Earthshock & The Five Doctors Screen Used Doctor Who Cyberman Suit

Here is your opportunity to own a rare piece of TV History.

This Cyberman suit was used in Earthshock & The Five Doctors.
The name written in the back of the suit is Wayne. Jeff Wayne was a cyber extra in Earthshock.

It has also been featured on This Morning as well as a BBC South East Doctor Who special & ITVs Daybreak & Meridian news.

Please see video from 'This Morning' below which includes the Bonhams evaluation.

Please note that the Suit & Boots are original but it will come with a reproduction Chest Unit & Head worth around £400 and all are mounted on a mannequin.

Although this is collection only, I may be able to arrange for independent delivery depending on the distance.

Feel free to email with any questions