Sunday 3 August 2014

The Doctor’s braces - back in stock!

After a prolonged time of being out of stock, I finally received a heavy box this week containing my new supply of Fifth and Sixth Doctor braces.

It’s been a frustrating wait, as I had sold my final set over a year ago, since when I have been without any for myself, let alone for sale!

Still, they are here now and if you want to get yourself a set, get in touch!

The braces are made from non-elastic cotton wadding, with cast metal clips on the ends with leather button-on connectors.

This is exactly how the original braces were.

The question marks are, just like the real thing, embroidered on with some of them upside down and mirrored.

The braces come in one size, and are adjustable to fit.

If you want to get you hands on a set of these fantastic braces, they are priced at GB£75 each.
UK shipping: £5
Global shipping: £15
Email me at 
and I can send you full details.

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