Saturday 2 August 2014

Great alternative cricket jumper!

When it comes to The Doctor’s costumes there are two routes you can take to replicating his look: either go all out and spend a fortune matching fabrics and patterns (ok, guilty as charged); OR you can find yourself a next-best alternative that blocks in the basic shapes and colours you need.

At the moment, UK high street retailer Marks & Spencer has a great alternative to the season 21 cricket jumper.

It’s not perfect - but it definitely does the job if you are looking for a quick and medium priced time for your Fifth Doctor wardrobe.

Cable Knit Cricket Jumper | M&S
PLEASE NOTE: I cannot link directly to the version you need to buy - click on there Cream Mix option once on the website 

The jumper has just the right style of cable knit and the black and red trim is a darn good ringer for the screen-worn version.
Ok, so it has one red stripe instead of two, but you got to admit it’s not bad for an off-the-shelf cosplay item!

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