Thursday 6 January 2011

Planet Of Fire waistcoat -
calico test: finished!

Just before Christmas I spent some time making a calico test for my Planet Of Fire waistcoat replica.

After cutting my Pattern, I showed how I made the Fronts, with their six welted pockets; and then the Back, with its complex pleated arrangement.
Finally, I had to hand-stitch all the jute piping on around the edges, which I did over Christmas, and now at last it is finished!

I’ve taken some side-by-side photos to compare how the test is looking and hanging.

The fronts have come out very well – I’m happy with those. Working with the embroidered curtain fabric wasn’t as bad as I had feared, which was a relief.

The back has come out quite well too, though I need to pay a little more attention tot he straps, which need to be a tad longer and not as wide. Otherwise all good.

Looking closer at the front pockets, I got their positioning, angle and design pretty good. 
I had not done the style of welt on the top pocket before, so I need a little more practice on that.

My only problem now is finding the right type and design of fabric to use for the fronts. That’s the hard part!


  1. The detail is very close to the actual jacket. You planning to replicate the pattern for it now?
    Looks very good.

  2. I'd keep a close eye on the blog over the next few weeks . . . . there may be developments . . . . . :)

  3. i want a replica waiscoat like this for lanzarote!..anyone know somone who could make one? love to hear from u


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