Thursday 22 August 2013

If the Fifth Doctor wore a bow tie...

... this would NOT be it!

While on the hunt for the perfect Matt Smith bow tie, a good friend of mine has found an interesting maker on, called TheDirectorsCabin.

As well as a small range of Eleventh Doctor bow ties (see right) they also do a number of other Doctors including the Fourth and Tenth, plus several abstract Doctor Who related patterns.

But one that caught my eye from a Fifth Doctor point of view claims to be a tribute to Peter Davison - but for the life of me I cannot get the reference.

I assume it is supposed to be his striped trousers - but in GREEN?

Peter Davison Tribute Silk bow tie

Peter Davison Tribute
Question mark Silk bow tie

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  1. Striped - to match his trousers (as you said). And green - because of his celery.


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