Tuesday 7 May 2013

The Silurian plot nears complete

If you were reading my blog a little while back, you will have seen the Silurian body parts that have been appearing on eBay!

Well, this week another piece has surfaced, and if you have been buying up these dismembered remains, you will almost have enough to complete a costume!

Warriors Of The Deep
Silurian Left Arm and Back
SOLD FOR £65.86

You are bidding on part of a original Silurian costume ie the back part of the left Arm and shoulder/back,but not the front part of the costume.This was part of the Silurian body suit worn on-screen by Norman Comer playing the lead role of Ichtar in the 1984 Doctor Who story Warriors Of The Deep.

This Silurian left arm and shoulder/back is part of the Silurian body suit sold in Bonhams Doctor Who sale in 1991.The costume had the name of the actor "Norman Comer" written in which is the name of the leader ichta.

This is an amazing piece and is in its original condition,the arm has lost some reptilian latex skin.

I only know of two surviving silurians costumes from the entire history of the original dr who series - this part of the costume is from one of them.

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