Saturday 9 April 2011

Five trousers - le review

I recently made a pair of Five Trousers for Jonathan, who organised the City Of Death tour of Paris I went on last year.

He received the trousers this week, and promptly sent me the following review to share with you.

It’s not the first time I buy something from Steven, but it’s the first time I buy anything so big. Last thing I’ve bought was a Mcoy Hat Bandana replica, which was perfect. To be true, I was a little bit anxious, it’s a custom fit trouser and I wasn’t sure if the measurement I took were right. But once it arrived, I wasn’t anxious anymore.

The Trousers arrived in the morning, I wasn’t totally awake, but once I’ve seen FedEx, I knew it was the trousers. I couldn’t wait, I’ve put my signature on the little machine, and take the package. Open it rapidly, and take out the trousers.

I put them on right away, and also a white shirt to see the result. Well they fit perfectly and it’s really comfortable – I’ve rarelly feel that good in a trouser.

I’ve never seen a real props of this trouser, so I can only judge from the pictures, and it’s like the real one, really perfect.

So, really good work steven, I will certainly buy more things to you soon.

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