Monday 31 May 2010

Bonhams auction - 23rd June 2010

When I was at the last Bonhams auction, one of the auctioneers made mention of a further sale in June, where Doctor Who items would be available.

I think I was expecting another full-on sale of ex-BBC items, but what it appears to be is a general Memorabilia sale, with a hand full of Who related lots.

There are seventeen items in total, and you need to real carefully what they are. The repeated use of the phrase “built for exhibition purposes” is a bit disappointing.

I’ll go to the viewing, but I can’t see myself bidding on anything.

As usual I have separated the items by Doctor era, and you can see the rest of the items here:

Here are just the lots relating to the Fifth Doctor era
Lot No: 131
Resurrection Of The Daleks, February 1984
A Dalek Guard costume, worn by Rula Lenska as 'Styles', comprising; fibreglass helmet and chest and backplates, heavy cotton boiler suit with black and yellow vinyl patches, neck inscribed in ballpoint Rula Lenska 88=34'', black rubber gloves and moulded weapon

Estimate: £800 - 1,200
Sold for £1,200

Ex Bonhams, lot 471, 2nd September 1993, and lot 119, June 2008.
Included in the background paperwork is a copy of a note from actress Rula Lenska, and a signed photograph.

Lot No: 138
A miniature Tardis model
Created for exhibition purposes, of painted board, with plastic paper-backed windows, and plastic casing to light, having internal electrical workings (plug removed), height 5ft, width 15 inches

Estimate: £300 - 400

Lot No: 139
The 'Longleat' Tardis console
Created for exhibition purposes, of wood and plastic, with internal electrical workings and lighting, the control panel in sectional pieces, with plastic buttons, with electrical pulley for central mechanism, length approximately 70 inches, width approximately 60 inches, height 58 inches

Estimate: £350 - 450
Sold for £900

Lot No: 140
A destroyed Dalek shell
Created for exhibition purposes, of wood, fibreglass, foam, metal and plastic, the base painted black and overpainted with red highlights, the foam explosion detail containing wire and metal poles (see illustration), height approximately 46 inches

Estimate: £400 - 600
Sold for £720

Lot No: 141
A replica Dalek
Created for exhibition purposes, of black painted wood, metal and moulded plastic, several pieces missing, with internal workings, with detailed eye stalk, height approximately 64 inches

Estimate: £800 - 1,200
Sold for £900

The eye stalk and gun on this piece are believed to be 1980's original, created for the show.

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  1. So very envious of that 2005 TARDIS. I mean I know itʻs all wooden and fragile in comparison to the newer ones, but damn. Imagine owning a TARDIS used by the Doctor himself.

    It would be enough to send me into the illusion that I owned a real TARDIS...


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