Tuesday 20 April 2010

Cameo Auction - 23rd May 2010

We seem to have had a number of sales of costumes form the Angels Costumier vaults, and yet another is planned for Sunday 23rd May 2010 at Cameo Fine Art Auctioneers in Midgham, Berkshire.

There are a good 230 plus items on offer, from a wide variety of productions such as Raiders Of The Lost Ark, The Fifth Element, the Star Wars prequels and  number of the Bond films.

Hidden in there are half a dozen lots from Doctor Who dating back as far as 1964.

Lot 144
Tom Baker the Fourth Doctor. 
A pair of brown leather shoes worn throughout the series.
£200 - 300

Lot 145
Underworld, 1978. 
A beige suit used by James Maxwell in the series.
Labelled James Maxwell.
Estimate: £400 - 500

Lot 146
Battlefield, 1989.
A Blue shimmering full length dress worn by Jean Marsh as Morgaine.
Estimate: £400 - 500

Lot 147
The Crusade, 1964. 
The First Doctor. A Crusading Knight’s cape.
£400 - 500

Lot 148
Delta and the Bannermen, 1987. 
A yellow striped holiday camp style jacket unnamed.
Estimate: £150 - 200

Lot 149
Planet Of Fire,  1982.
A Colourful Waistcoat worn by Peter Davison as The Doctor in the 21st Season story Planet of Fire.
Estimate: £800-1200

This last item is obviously the star of the Doctor Who stuff on offer. I wonder how much it will go for in the end?

Check back after the auction, and I will update the entry with the sale prices.

You can view the full catalogue here

If you want to go to the viewing, it is between 10am to 4pm on Thursday 20th, Friday 21st and 10am to 2pm on Saturday 22nd of May, and from 8.30am before the sale on the Sunday 23rd May – sale starting at 11am.

Cameo Fine Art Auctioneers
Kennet Holme Farm
Bath Road
Midgham, Berkshire

Telephone enquiries: 0118 9 713 772
Email enquiries: office@cameo-auctioneers.co.uk
While search back though some old autions of the Cameo website, I came across a sale in March 2010 which I didn’t know about!
It has over a dozen items, again ranging right back to William Hartnell’s earliest seasons.

A couple of the items look familiar, so I guess they went unsold that time around.

Lot 99
A Quantity of Dr. Who memorabilia including shooting scripts for Doctor Who Episode 5 Parallel World Part 1 and 2 by Tom MacRae. Both Scripts were for Colin Spaull who played Mr. Crane and both scripts have been inscribed and signed by the director Graeme Harper. Also included are the shooting schedule's and call sheets for Colin Spaull, three signed photographs of Colin Spaull, a Doctor Who compliments slip and a letter to Colin Spaull from Russell T Davies and signed.

Estimate: £80-120

Lot 137
A small collection of memorabilia including a UK Quad for Daleks Invasion Earth 1966, trimmed Condition C-. Two CD sets of BBC Audio CD's Cybermen, Daleks (this set has three signatures Anneke Wills and two others), a signed calender by Peter Davison, 18 collectors cards and a Palitoy Battery Operated Dalek circa 1970's

Estimate: £150-200

Lot 139
Doctor Who Time and the Rani 1987
A Camera script for specific shots in the episode and seven Doctor Who annuals and The Dalek Pocket Book.

Estimate: £50-80

Lot 215 
Doctor Who The Mutants 1972
Jon Pertwee The Second Doctor. Solonian Rebel Helmet.

Estimate: £150-200

Lot 219
An entertaining space costume worn by Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor.

Estimate: £400-500

Lot 221
A Grey Frock Coat used by Tom Baker in unknown episode of Doctor Who.

Estimate: £1000-1200

Lot 239
Doctor Who, The Crusade 1964
The First Doctor. A Crusading Knight's cape and leather belt from the BBC Wardrobe.

Estimate: £400-500

Lot 240 - A Leather Belt used in the Second Season of Doctor Who (the First Doctor), from the episode The Crusade, used by William Russell who played Ian Chesterton

Estimate: £200-250

Lot 241 - Doctor Who. A pair of boots used by Tom Baker as The Doctor, from the BBC wardrobe.

Estimate: £150-200

Lot 242
Doctor Who Robots of Death 1977
Ethnic poncho from the BBC wardrobe.

Estimate: £200-300

Lot 244
Doctor Who The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 1988
A Gypsy style skirt used in the episode.

Estimate: £350-400

Lot 245
Doctor Who Ribos Operation 1978
A Water Bottle used by the character Unstoffe.

Estimate: £200-250

Lot 250
Doctor Who The Mutants 1972 
A Leather belt and faux Roman Sword used by James Mellor as Varan.

Estimate: £200-250

Lot 291
Doctor Who 1987. Delta and the Bannermen
Jacket used by the Holiday Camp usher's

Estimate: £200-300

Lot 292 
Doctor Who. Tom Baker
A frock coat used by Tom Baker in season 15.

Estimate: £500-600

Lot 293
Doctor Who The Greatest Show in the Galaxy 1988
A Distressed Faux Leather Jacket detailed used in the episode.

Estimate: £250-350

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