Tuesday 6 October 2009

Five Coat - Finished calico test

I am not ashamed to say I am a little pooped after finishing the calico test for the Five Coat, but it’s been worthwhile I think.
Click to enlarge picture

After sharing a ‘photo-shoot’ image earlier, here are some more detailed pictures of the finished test.

I bought a cheap cricket jumper to put under it for effect!

Must say I am pretty pleased with how the piping has gone on. I was really worried that it would be a nightmare and I would have to do it all by hand and it become very uneven and wonky. In the end I was able to machine 95% of it, and only had to hand stitch the last inch or so of each run of piping.

The notch was a bit tricky, but I think I know what I am doing when it comes to the real thing.

I don’t think the photographs show, but I still need to do some work on the construction of the outside pockets. They are built in a totally unique way, which needs a little more practice.
The inside pockets were terrifying, but like the piping, proved to be very little trouble in the end. I was very pleased to find a way of setting a welted pocket in such limp material without the need of attaching copious amounts of fusible interfacing.

A real eye opener.
All in all this was a good exercise to get my skills up to speed and discover any pitfalls along the way.

Can’t wait now to get on to making the coat in the final fabric . . .
I just need to find the right match, which is proving to be a little tricky.


  1. Once again. Very impressed :D.

    Loving the little cricket jumper. It really shows it off and show off how well you have done at reproducing the coat.

    Kudos to you :D

  2. Amazing coat pumpkiny. Am very impressed. Would LOVE one of these.


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